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Friday, January 21, 2022
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Herbie photographed them when they were "The Warlocks". He photographed them when they were the "Grateful Dead". His works appear on the albums "In the Dark" and "Dylan and the Dead". He immortalized Jerry on Broadway. And finally he photographed the band when they called themselves "The Dead" in 2003-2004. Herbie is considered one of the most prolific photographers who lived the Bay Area music scene ....


Memorial Day Weekend Herbie and Walnut Street Gallery hosted a photography exhibit at the Furthur Fest in California, chronicling the Grateful Dead's visual history and here are the photographs of that event.





We arrived at the site the day before the festival started – when they told us it would be located at a fairground outside of San Francisco they forgot to tell us it was out in the middle of no where! But as we spent time there we started to appreciate how beautiful that part of California is. I guess the miners had it right!


photo4_120   photo2_120  furthurfestmtnaire_026_120_01  photo3_120


Our exhibit was not in the vending village - they had us in the event hall that they (Furthur Fest Promoters) had set up to showcase memorabilia from the Dead's archive and Phil's personal collection.



For three days we had a great time meeting many new people and selling Herbie's photography.  We actually saw some people from last year's event at Rothbury and there were some Fort Collins Dead Heads at the event too.


furthurfestmtnaire_005_300  furthurfestmtnaire_015_300 

We were able to transform the exhibit hall into a pretty cool space. The Furthur Promoter had this vision and the crew really followed thru ....



By the way did we tell you the story about the frogs? Angels Camp is famous for its frogs and Mark Twain ..... There were frogs everywhere.


photofurthur14_120   photofurthur9_120  photofurthur15_120


Furthur Fest 2010 was filled with great music, interesting people and great art.