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Sunday, December 05, 2021
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The gallery began working with John Entwistle in 1995. Over the next 7 years Bill and Laura worked with John and his manager Cy Langston publishing prints, setting up art shows across the country and traveling to Who shows in the US and London. Here are a few candid shots of John over that time frame. Enjoy!

John Entwistle ~ Founding Member and Bass Player for The WHO
Cousin Kevin was a character John drew. Kevin took on a life of his own and while on the road John would generally draw Kevin after a show in his hotle room on the desk blotter ...
 The Kevin character took many forms, some days he was a meek and adle brained plumber and other days (or nights) he bacame a vampire. Boo!
This is John and Bill at one of our first art shows in Denver. John was very kind and always took the time to personalize the art for each collector, as well as chat about his long and storied career as one of the greatest bass players of all time!
John and the Eveleigh girls.