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Sunday, December 05, 2021
Art of Rock and Roll Walnut Street Gallery: Your source for Rock and Roll Fine Art and Memorabilia
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The Artist Baroness Waltraud Von Schwarzbek Visits the Gallery in Febraury of 2004

Recently, Waltraud works in the classic palette knife technique.  In this relatively rare European style, favored by Van Gogh among others, each stroke of paint is delivered to the canvas with a palette knife.  Painting on large canvases to accommodate the broad strokes of the knife, the thick dabs of paint are sculpted in place and merge with one another while wet. This yields a rich textural and visual quality unmatched by the brush.  The demanding nature of the medium is unforgiving of mistakes and requires that a work, once started, must be completed in one continuous effort. The bold, modern effect of this style has broad appeal to those seeking fine art for both traditional and contemporary homes and offices.




Waltraud, the gallery owners and staff at opening.
Bill, Waltraud and Laura before the big event.
Laura, Waltraud and Bill showing off the painting of Neuschwanstein Castle.
Art Collectors, the Johns' with the artist and their painting.
Waltraud with another excited collector.
Waltraud and collector standing in front of Monet's Garden pieces.