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Saturday, June 19, 2021
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Rock and Roll ArtRod Johnson - ReplayRock and Roll Art

View art created by Rod Johnson - Replay.

African art, jazz, Rod Johnson

“I paint what I feel at the moment with fluidity, movement, and emotion”

A Denver native, Rod Johnson’s recognition as a talented, self taught artist continues to proliferate as he broadens his horizon. His painting style is recognized nationally with enthusiasts applauding brilliantly colored brush strokes along with stunningly energetic and provocative images. Johnson’s influences are drawn from several different artists, cultures, and music. However it is his unique painting style and emotional fervor that allows him to paint several different themes and compositions.

Johnson’s educational background is as diverse as his paintings. Two years at the University of Northern Colorado were he studied environmental and social sciences. Four years at the University of Kansas studying industrial design and engineering. One year at Metro State College to study the current industrial design processes, and Two years at Columbia College where he received his B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis on Business Administration.

Rod Johnson’s diversified education and work experiences in design engineering, architecture, the social sciences, business, and fine art all came together in 2002 when he founded A Brand New Start or ABNS. ABNS is a 501(c)3 non profit organization that provides educational and social services for pre-adolescent children and adolescent teens. Johnson serves as the board chair and the Executive Director of A Brand New Start School of the Arts and Sciences. Over the past seven years Rod has assisted in building the foundation of several ABNS programs and worked endlessly to ensure that the primary goal of providing quality programs for all youths especially in underserved neighborhoods continues into the future.

 Johnson is proud of what he has accomplished with A Brand New Start and in 2010 resigned from his position as Executive Director of A Brand New Start School of the Arts and Sciences. Now, after almost a ten year hiatus he is once again pursuing his life’s passion of creating works of art for people to enjoy.