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Sunday, December 05, 2021
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View art created by Stanley Mouse - ROCK & ROLL ART.

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The path of art Stanley Mouse weaves and curves as enigmatically as the languorous lettering that characterizes his poster art. Like his art nouveau styling, Mouse emerges from an artistic point, blossoms wildly, then turns back to the fine art forms that underlie his mature oeuvre.

Stanley Miller was born to a Disney animator who took his family to live in Detroit in the 1950s. Young Stanley was enchanted by both major cultural influences arising in that tough, racist milieu: Motown music and American muscle cars. Like many brilliant but unenthusiastic students, Stanley sketched madly in hundreds of notebooks. By seventh grade, he was known for his monster hotrod pictures and his iconic mouse signature. He thus acquired the nickname that would become the nom de crayon for his entire career.

Limited Edition Prints ~ Stanley Mouse

Limited Edition Prints by Stanley Mouse.

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The art of Stanley Mouse on Skateboards!

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