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Friday, January 21, 2022
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Kirk Anderson "Bio"

Spinning vinyl and dancing on shag carpet at age 10 or 11 in the 60’s are my earliest memories of rock and roll. My mom liked the Beatles and my brother liked the Stones. The outlaw, rebel, bad boy persona of the Stones was much more forbidden and therefore much more desirable to a kid who just hit double digits.

Throughout my life the Stones have always been the band to go to. Whether live in concert, on vinyl, 8 track, cassette, CD or your Ipod who can you trust more? I listen to lots of great artists, but for my meat and potatoes, I go to the Stones.

Growing up working in my father’s drug store in the resort town of Sun Valley, Idaho exposed me to all the new music and photographic toys. Sun Valley, in the seventies, was a pretty wild scene that gave me a deep appreciation for a Rock and Roll party. I always gravitated toward the photo counter in the drug store where all the goodies were sold. The instant gratification of a Polaroid was the first hook. I then graduated to Super 8 movies. Making short films of my friends doing crazy stuff, like rock climbing without ropes, getting upside down on skis and a well-documented Frisbee toss off the Eiffel Tower.

About 1973 I acquired a 35mm Minolta camera from my little brother who needed to get his VW bug out of a body shop and didn’t have the dough. I took the camera as collateral on the loan. The loan was never repaid and the rest is history.

Shooting under available light at bars and concerts was my first chance to record my favorite bands. We are talking B&W Tri-X film pushed off the scale just to get a meter reading. These images were a little ragged, but full of mood and energy.

As my technical skills improved so did my ability to worm my way into the good locations around the stage. There is nothing like the energy of good Rock and Roll. Since I can’t carry a tune or dance worth a damn, photographing those who can is my idea of a good time.



Rolling Stones

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