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Friday, January 21, 2022
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Carlos Santana

Long before anyone heard of the concept, "World Music," Carlos Santana was playing it. At a time when the world of traditional, guitar-based rock 'n roll was emerging from the "British Invasion" and reaching new levels of popularity in the English and U.S. markets, Santana infused it with a fresh energy and profound emotional depth that stirred the hearts and souls of millions of new fans around the entire globe. Skillfully blending elements of 12-bar blues, fiery rock riffs and sensuous Afro-Cuban rhythms, and featuring his passionate, instantly recognizable guitar style, Carlos Santana created a unique, magical sound. It is a sound that remains - like the long, sustained notes that mark his distinctive guitar solos - as powerful, as moving and as meaningful as ever, nearly 30 years after Carlos first shared it with the world. And, it is a sound that earned Carlos and the other original members of The Santana Band their rightful place among the legends of contemporary music with their 1998 induction into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame.

Carlos Santana's story begins in the village of Autolan, Mexico, where, at age five, Carlos was introduced to "traditional music" by his father, Jose. An accomplished mariachi violinist and experienced musician, he taught Carlos the basics of music theory and gave him an understanding of the value of a note. Although Carlos' excitement for music would be sparked by this first experience, he quickly discovered the limits of its traditional form and wanted more. Carlos wanted to play what he heard on the radio: rock 'n roll.

When the family moved to the boom town of Tijuana in 1955 eight-year-old Carlos picked up the guitar, studying and emulating the sounds of B.B. King, T-Bone Walker and John Lee Hooker. Soon he was playing with local bands like the "T.J.'s," where he added his own unique touch and feel to the popular songs of 50's rock 'ní roll. As he continued to play with different bands along the busy "Tijuana Strip," he started to perfect his style and sound.

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