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Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Yellow Embrace

A painting by modern abstract artist Linde B Martin. THIS PIECE IS VALUED AT USD14,000

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My work has been described as a palette for the viewer to create and see with. The abstract style lends itself to your projections and symbols. In the sweeps, arcs, and shafts of layered color, you will see what you need to see - a woman, a forest fire, a desert canyon, the wheel of time, even the gods.

For me, creativity and art are about sharing. Both the viewer and the painter create together. We undertake a journey of courage and surrender when we look into the canvas. It is the same for me as I paint - I open myself to flow and force of the creative energy of the universe and the work just flows!

Medium: Oil on Paper
Size: 24x32
Price: $8,000.00

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