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Monday, March 01, 2021
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Ocean Dune Bracelet In Blue

Wearing Art Glass as jewelry celebrates both contemporary and ancient fashion statements. Although glass bracelets date back to the Egyptians, there is no more unusual and innovative way to appreciate modern art glass!

Kevin O'Grady - Ocean Dune Bracelet In BlueZoom In

Each one of my pieces is a one of a kind, signed, hand worked original made solely by me using no apprentices. Primarily known for my glass bracelets, I also make beads, marbles, paperweights, small platters, vessels and sculptural pieces.

I am also well known for my detailed mastering of borosilicate murrine canes. Murrine canes are detailed 'pictures' in glass which date back to the Romans, but which the Italians are famous for perfecting 200 years ago. Making murrine in borosilicate is especially challenging due to the hardness of the glass. Murrine canes can be found incorporated in many of my pieces as portraits, fish, stars, and other assorted designs.

-Kevin O'Grady

Medium: Pyrex Glass
Edition Size: Original
Size: Small, Medium or Large
Price: $140.00

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