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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Art of Rock and Roll Walnut Street Gallery: Your source for Rock and Roll Fine Art and Memorabilia
Rock and Roll ArtDisplay EaselsRock and Roll Art

Make your new piece of Art the focus of any space with these elegant display easels and stands.

Custom made by Xylem Designs for the Walnut Street Gallery, a display easel can take any piece of art from a bump on the wall to the center of attention.

Antique Wrought Iron Easel

An ever-popular design that blends and accents with sophistication.

Ginger Wrought Iron Easel

Ginger creates a delightful presence, setting a striking pose wherever she finds herself.

Pierre Wrought Iron Easel

Imagine outdoor cafes, delightful conversation, a romantic stroll on the Seine.

Alan Wrought Iron Easel

Alan can make a big visual impact without gobbling up too much space.

Stanley Tabletop Easel

Perfect for smaller pieces, the Stanley tabletop easel comes in many different metals and sizes.



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