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Monday, March 01, 2021
Art of Rock and Roll Walnut Street Gallery: Your source for Rock and Roll Fine Art and Memorabilia
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kevin o&grady pyrex glass bracelets

Kevin O'Grady is known throughout the U.S. and Japan as the most exciting and talented glass bracelet maker today. His creative and unique use of color is unmatched in the borosilicate world.

Tide Pool Bracelet

Inspired by tropical coral reefs, these works of art feature hand pulled murrine canes.

Ocean Dune Bracelet In Blue

Wearing Art Glass as jewelry celebrates both contemporary and ancient fashion statements. Although glass bracelets date back to the Egyptians, there is no more unusual and innovative way to appreciate modern art glass!

Lagoon Bracelet

The Lagoon design is like pools of crystal clear water in amazing tropical water colors.